Dance At Your Own Risk CD

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The debut album from Dance at Your Own Risk was released in December of 2013 with a CD release party. It features 11 original songs from seven artists and two guest musicians. 

1) Know Why? – 3:25 – (Grieser/Qualy/Loskota)
2) Over Kick – 3:39 – (McAlpin/Qualy/Loskota)
3) I’m Going Home – 3:21 (Langer/Loskota)
4) Do Not Disturb – 2:01 (Laird/Loskota)
5) Broke – 2:53 (Liepins/Loskota)
6) To the Beach – 3:43 (Steele/Loskota)
7) Romeo and Julette – 3:10 (Grieser/Loskota)
8) Hit It! – 5:55 (Chong/Loskota)
9) Big Troublemaker (Grieser/Loskota)
10) You Rock – 2:43 (Chong/Loskota)
11) Rock and Roll Man – 2:10 (Grieser/Loskota)

All proceeds from album or individual song sales go to the individuals in the band and to support programs at Achieve Services, Inc.

DANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK: Matt Grieser, Troy Langer, Brian Chong, David Laird, Andy Liepens, Kyle Steele, Kelly McAlpin
ADDITIONAL MUSIC: Joe Loskota and Bryan Qualy
VOCAL COACH: Lynn Thelen
GUEST MUSICIANS: Terry Walsh (Harmonica), Vic Volare (Tenor Saxophone)
ALBUM ART: J. Scott Uhr

Recorded at Achieve Services, Inc. in Blaine, MN between May and September 2013.

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